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Sell My House Fast In Irving, TX

Sell Your House Fast In Irving, TX

We Buy Houses in Irving

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket.

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He even helped me move to my new place!”

“Of all the investors I spoke with, Santos was the only one who actually truly cared about the family issues I was dealing with.  He even helped me move to my new place!”

– Betty Jo Waddell

Sell My House Fast in Irving

Have you ever wished there was a way to sell your house quickly, painlessly, and with a guaranteed payoff? Well there is!

Selling your house can be confusing. You might be concerned about holding an enormous open house or marketing through traditional means. We buy houses in Irving, TX

Using our services, you will no longer have to spend time finding clients who want to appraise your property. We can buy your home in as-is condition without making you worry about inspections or appraisals. Our team can propose different ways if you’re going to sell your house fast in Irving.

We Have Options For You

“I was able to avoid foreclosure and put some much needed cash in my pocket!”


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“He even helped me move to my new place!”


“Of all the investors I spoke with, Santos was the only one who actually truly cared about the family issues I was dealing with. He even helped me move to my new place!” – Betty Jo Waddell

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Cash Home Buyers

Cash Home Buyers in Irving, TX

We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners sell their house Irving in ANY situation… foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, you name it! We’re low-key and happy to chat about options without any pressure.

I have been a real estate investor for the last 8 years. Two years ago, just before my son was born, I decided to pursue this passion full time. I left a successful 19-year career in Corporate Finance and Accounting to create our future and allow me more flexibility in my schedule to be a more active parent. My family is my greatest love: I have a 24 year old son, a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. My wife is my biggest fan and we’ve jumped in with both feet. My goal is to help others across the Metroplex one house at a time while doing what I love and having time for all the soccer games.

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Andrea McDonald

How Do I Sell My House Fast In TX?

Selling your house in Irving, TX for cash is honestly quite easy. This is because we eliminate the “middle man” (agents or banks). We do not depend on approvals or inspections from third parties in order to buy your house. Remember, NEVER “low-ball” offers.

We buy houses in Irving and all surrounding areas in Texas. If you need to sell your house fast in Texas, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂 Just fill out the form!

We want to make this process easy for you. Your information is secure with us, and you don’t have to risk anything. You can request a cash offer from us and take as much time as needed. We’ll send you a well-researched fair cash offer, and then we will wait for your response. We won’t disturb you with pushy calls or messages.

Sell My House Fast: My Options

We’re here to make selling your home fast, easy, and stress-free. We understand that selling a house can be stressful and time-consuming, so we offer our services to help you sell your home quickly for cash.

When you decide to sell your house, know there are several ways to do it.

I Want to Sell My House Fast, But..

Our company was founded on the idea that selling a home shouldn’t be complicated. However, we know how stressful it can be to sell your house fast, so we’re here to help. Our team of experts will take care of every detail and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

We have been buying homes in the Irving area for years, so we know what works best for each situation. We’re here for you whether you need to sell fast because of an upcoming move or foreclosure.

We work with homeowners who want to sell their house fast for cash in all kinds of situations:

  • Short-term financial troubles
  • Foreclosure and eviction notices
  • Divorce or separation from spouses
  • Downsizing from large homes into smaller ones
  • Relocation due to job transfers or military service obligations
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Why Work With FortHomeBuyers?

You may ask yourself, “Why do these people buy houses?” We’re glad you asked. We’re helping homeowners to sell their houses fast. We recognize that life tends to get complicated sometimes, and you need to sell your house fast for cash.

Sell My House Fast Irving

Reason 1: Privacy: Keep your home out of the spotlight

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  1. You don’t have to share your selling price and details with the world.
  2. Your main advantage: Anonymity
Sell My House Fast Irving

Reason 2: Avoid the Hassle of preparing your home

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  1. Time is your most valuable asset.
  2. It’s easy to get discouraged when the time and money it takes to prepare a house for the market begins to swallow a homeowner with overwhelming overload. The hard truth is, that buyers are looking for the same effortless turnover, but have to worry about getting their offer in a timely manner and to multiple homeowners.
  3. The solution: DO NOTHING. In essence, we want you to sit back, we’ll get the facts, and work the many variables within the process. Without time pressure, both parties can feel more relaxed at the negotiation table.
Sell My House Fast Irving

Reason 3: Receive a Serious Cash Offer

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  1. Cut the number of showings especially the unannounced ones and the time it takes to prepare each time.
Sell My House Fast Irving

Reason 4: Control: Sell Your home on your terms

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  1. Choose who can see your home and when.
  2. Control the timeline.
Sell My House Fast Irving

Reason 5: Test the waters:

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  1. Evaluate the market and gain some buzz before putting your home for sale.
Sell My House Fast Irving

Reason 6: Buyers get a competitive edge

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  1. When a buyer is putting an offer on a home, they are up against several other potential buyers. BUYERS THAT PUT IN AN OFFER ON AN OFF-MARKET PROPERTY ARE RARELY UP AGAINST THE SAME BUYER NUMBERS.

Selling My House For Cash AS-IS In Irving

Cash Home Buyers


Cash Home Buyers


Cash Home Buyers

Short Sale

Do You Really Need To Sell Your House Fast in Irving, Texas?

Selling your house fast can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start or what steps to take. Even the most experienced agent can’t sell every type of property; your home might be one of them.

You might wonder if finding a buyer will take a long time. In fact, it may take months or years before you find one. And even when you do, how will they pay for the property? Will they give you cash? And if so, how much? 

That’s what we do at FortHomeBuyers. We make offers on properties that aren’t selling through traditional methods. So far, we have bought houses in Irving, and surrounding cities in TX. Here’s how it works: You contact us (phone or email) with details about your house, including price range and location. We review your property and send over our offer within 24 hours. 

If accepted by you, we handle all the paperwork involved in purchasing a home (title search and closing). Once the paperwork is complete, we’ll close the sale within 7-14 days.

Sell My House Fast Irving

What People Are Saying!

Helped me out of a real jam!
Cash Home Buyers

If you own a barely existing property such as a house, or vacant land that you’re struggling to pay for, let us help. Our goal is to relieve the stress of having an asset that demands so much time and effort, so we’ll offer to buy your property quickly at a fair price.

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Santos was able to stop the foreclosure”

“Santos helped me and my family stay in our home as were on the verge of foreclosure. We had been struggling with medical bills and as result fell behind on mortgage payments but Santos was able to stop the foreclosure, then allowed us to rent the house back and even gave us money when we closed! “

– Mona Sisneroz

Not at all what I was expecting from an investor”

“I can’t thank Santos enough for everything he did for my family as we struggled through bankruptcy. He was so patient and helpful in navigating the whole bankruptcy process, he and his son Joseph even helped us pack and move when it came time! Not at all what I was expecting from an investor”

– Cynthia Podsednik

Sometimes, you need to rationalize the situation. You may not be heading into foreclosure, but if the thought is still tough on your mind, it’s perfectly normal to want to place this burden behind you. Why not make things easier on everyone?

We help people like you in Irving. Please contact us if you’re facing a real estate problem and we’ll help. We buy houses in Irving using our no-risk, cash offer.

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